Six Imperatives

In his book Reclaiming Glory, Mark Clifton talks about ‘Six Replanting Imperatives’[1]. I’d like to talk about them, but first, let me tell you why I think we need to talk about them.


Churches are living things and living things are meant to grow. It’s just natural. Churches grow in two ways, spiritually and numerically. You’ve heard me say that if we plant we will grow. There is one statistic from last year that really concerns me. We baptized one person. I’m very grateful and rejoice that one has made a public statement of their desire to follow Christ. But, honestly, we can and should be doing better. We are seeing spiritual growth in the lives of our family in Christ, and for this I rejoice.


I see the calling of an elder as being ‘equipping the saints to build up the body of Christ.’ (Eph 4.11ff) And that brings us to the six imperatives that Mark Clifton writes about.


Pray Without Ceasing
We know this. We know nothing happens without prayer. But life gets in the way. We are, often, too busy to come together and pray. Private prayer is important and I encourage all of us to pray privately. Continue reading “Six Imperatives”